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Privacy statement

General Information concerning the data controller and the register

This is a privacy statement concerning the client-, marketing- and supplier register of Linkoneva Legal Oy (business identity code: 3107872-4) (”LL”). Contact details of LL are as follows:

  • Email:;

  • Website:;

  • Phone: +358 40 6684669; and

  • Address until 24 February 2020: Reginankuja 4 C 29 Helsinki Finland, and after 24 February: Firdonkatu 2, 00520 Helsinki Finland.

This privacy statement describes: i) how LL processes personal data of clients, potential clients, visitors of LL’s websites, suppliers and the personnel of the aforementioned persons (each “Registered Person”); ii) what data LL records to the register; iii) to what purposes the data in the register is used; iv) to whom data from the register can be transferred or assigned; and v) the rights of the Registered Persons and the obligations of LL.

Purposes and legal grounds for processing of personal data


LL complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and other applicable laws and regulations. The purpose of processing of personal data by LL is to do one or several of the following:


  • provide and/or acquire services;

  • carry out contractual obligations;

  • establish, administer and maintain client relations (including also collection of debts and dispute resolution);

  • comply with legal obligations;

  • analyze use of LL’s websites; and

  • electronic marketing and direct marketing.


LL processes personal data on the following grounds: i) consent by the Registered Person; ii) legitimate interest of LL (for example marketing or activities pertaining establishing, administering or maintaining client relations); iii) to carry out agreement between LL and its client or supplier; and iv) to comply with its legal obligations (for example anti-money laundering regulation).

Data processed and sources of data

LL processes following personal data recorded to the register:

  • Data required for identifying the Registered Person, such as: name, date of birth and/or social security number and copy of passport or other corresponding personal identification document (dates of birth, social security numbers and copies of personal identification documents are processed only to comply with legal obligations);

  • Data concerning the contact details and employer of the Registered Person, such as: name of the employer, position of the Registered Person in the organization, business identity code of the employer, email address, phone number, address and billing details; and

  • Possible other data collected subject to consent from the Registered Person.

LL collects data primarily directly from the Registered Persons. LL may also collect data from public sources (such as official registers, reputable information services and social media).


Cookies and third-party websites

The websites of LL use cookies (i.e. text or picture files with an identifier installed on your browser). The cookies improve the usability of the websites and allow LL to monitor and analyze the use of its websites. LL does not collect other information by using cookies (such as names, addresses, data on other online behavior or other data that could be used to identify a visitor on our website). You can delete cookies from your computer through the settings of your browser.

The websites of LL may contain links to third-party websites. LL accepts no liability on the contents or privacy practices of such websites.

Protection, storage and transfers of data outside EU/EEA

Access to the register is limited to persons who necessarily need to access the information to carry out their duties. The data in the register is protected by passwords and customary technical security measures. Data recorded to the register is stored as long as it is necessary, given the nature of use of the data. LL evaluates periodically and continuously the need to store data recorded to the Register and deletes unnecessary data.

LL uses reasonable measures to ensure that the register does not contain any data that is, taking into consideration the purpose of the register, incompatible, outdated or erroneous. LL corrects or deletes any outdated or erroneous data without any undue delay following the recognizing of such information.

LL uses subcontractors and service providers (such as accounting firm and IT service providers) who may have access to data registered by LL, or who process personal data on behalf of LL. LL enters into required data processing agreements with said persons and such persons shall have no right to process data registered by LL for their own purposes.

If data recorded to the register is transferred outside the EU/EEA, LL shall ensure that necessary precautionary measures have been taken care of (for example by using standard agreement clauses approved by the EU commission or through the so called Privacy Shield mechanism). Additional information on the matter can be found

here and here.

Rights of the Registered Person

As a Registered Person you have a right to:

  • Inspect the data recorded on you to the register;

  • Demand the correction or deleting of erroneous data pertaining to you;

  • Withdraw consent relating to processing of personal data on the basis of consent;

  • Object the processing of personal data relating to you, or require the limiting of processing; and

  • Make a complaint to supervising authority about the processing of personal data.

A Registered Person may contact the person responsible for data privacy at LL in order to use the rights referred to above.


Versions and amendments of this privacy statement

This version of the privacy statement is adopted on 31 January 2020. LL may update the privacy statement from time to time. The current version of the privacy statement is available on the website of LL at

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